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Finding My Voice: The Journey to Defining Beach Shack Productions

Beach Shack Productions - Branding Journey
Beach Shack Productions - Branding Journey

In the bustling world of digital marketing and filmmaking, carving out a unique space for your brand is as daunting as it is essential. This week at Beach Shack Productions, I've taken a moment to reflect on the crucial importance of establishing a robust brand identity and voice. This foundation doesn't just guide my creative endeavours—it sharpens my decision-making process.

The Genesis of My Brand Identity:

It all started with a simple yet pivotal question: Who do I want to serve? Finding the answer didn't come overnight. It involved a deep dive into my passions, skills, and, importantly, my experiences. Having spent over a decade in the tourism and hospitality industry and journeyed through more than 30 countries, I've been privileged to witness a masterclass in diversity and wonder. Each destination had its story, its essence, something that made it distinctly memorable.

These rich experiences made it clear that Beach Shack Productions should focus on businesses within the tourism and hospitality sectors. However, I aimed to go deeper, targeting entities that not just offer services but craft memorable experiences. Boutique hotels, luxury retreats, eco-camping sites, and unique dining locales became the core of my clientele.

Crafting My Voice:

Deciding 'what' to focus on was only the first part of the puzzle. The 'how' was equally vital. How would Beach Shack Productions communicate? What would be my tone? Reflecting on feedback from my clients provided the answers. Words like "authentic," "innovative," and "captivating" frequently popped up. My clients admired my ability to deliver a story that was true to their brand and innovative enough to stand out in a saturated market.

These reflections helped mould my brand voice into what it is today—a blend of authenticity, innovation, and engagement. This voice isn't just how I communicate; it's the backbone of every video I produce, every campaign I run, and every consultation I provide.

Living My Brand:

With my identity and voice established, day-to-day decisions became more intuitive. Whether it's choosing which projects to take on or deciding the direction of a marketing campaign, every choice is filtered through my brand's lens. This clarity has not only improved my operational efficiency but also attracted clients who share our values and vision.

This week, for example, I am working on a promotional video for the Department of Tourism Queensland. The project showcased an accessible tourism venture in Agnes Water, perfectly aligning with my focus on premium, experience-driven businesses. My brand voice allowed me to weave a narrative that highlighted the tour's unique approach to creating memorable experiences accessible to all, regardless of physical abilities or age—a value deeply appreciated by their audience.

Sharing My Insights:

By sharing this story, I hope not to preach how one should run their business but to offer a glimpse into the transformative power a well-defined brand identity and voice has had for me and my business. For fellow entrepreneurs and creatives, my advice is simple: investing time in understanding who you are as a brand and who you want to serve can guide your creative efforts and simplify your daily business decisions.

Ready to Bring Your Brand's Story to Life?

At Beach Shack Productions, I specialise in translating your brand identity into compelling narratives that resonate with your audience. If you're looking to elevate your presence in the hospitality and tourism industry, my partnership team is here to help. Reach out today, and let's create something unforgettable together. Contact Us

Written by Rowen Franklin - Founder of Beach Shack Productions


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