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Case Study: Crafting Magic with La Caravana - A Beach Shack Productions Showcase

Updated: May 7

La Caravana Cafe, nestled in the picturesque setting of Agnes Water, Queensland! Our family-owned café is dedicated to providing a welcoming space for families to come together, relax, and relish in delicious meals.
La Caravana Cafe & Catering

Client: La Caravana Cafe and Catering

Location: Agnes Water, Queensland

The Challenge: La Caravana, a cherished cafe and catering business nestled in the heart of Agnes Water, approached Beach Shack Productions with a vision. Their goal? Unveiling their evolution from a humble caravan to a vibrant culinary sanctuary for all to see. La Caravana sought to create captivating videos, photos, brochures, website design, and meta-ad campaigns that authentically showcase their brand's essence.

Our Approach: At Beach Shack Productions, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring stories to life through stunning visuals and compelling narratives. We knew that La Caravana's journey was special, and we were determined to capture its magic in every frame.

  • Promotional Video: We kicked off the project by creating a promotional video that would serve as the cornerstone of La Caravana's marketing efforts. Through careful planning and creative collaboration, we crafted a video that beautifully depicted the essence of La Caravana, from its lush oasis garden to its mouthwatering dishes.

  • Photo Shoot: Next, we embarked on a photo shoot to capture the soulful essence of La Caravana in stunning still images. With an eye for detail and a commitment to authenticity, we curated a collection of photos that showcased the warmth and vibrancy of the La Caravana experience.

  • Brochure Design: We collaborated closely with the La Caravana team to design a captivating brochure that would serve as the perfect introduction to their brand. With striking visuals and compelling content, the brochure invites guests to explore all the wonders La Caravana has to offer.

  • Website Design: Leveraging our expertise in web design, we worked hand-in-hand with the La Caravana team to design and launch a new website that would serve as the ultimate destination for visitors looking to learn more about the brand. With a focus on user experience and visual appeal, the website showcases La Caravana in all its glory.

  • Meta Ad Campaigns: Finally, we crafted a series of meta ad campaigns designed to drive traffic to La Caravana's new website. By targeting specific demographics and interests, we ensured that La Caravana's message reached the right audience at the right time.

The Result: Through our collaboration with La Caravana, we created a suite of marketing materials that authentically capture the heart and soul of their brand. From the promotional video to the new website, each element tells a story of passion, dedication, and creativity. La Caravana's journey is one of transformation and triumph, and we are honoured to have contributed to bringing their vision to life.

The Statistics: Understanding the full impact of a rebranding and advertising campaign takes time, as it involves guiding individuals from being unaware of your brand to becoming loyal advocates who enthusiastically recommend you to others. However, for those who appreciate quantifiable results, here are some key statistics for La Caravana since the launch of their rebrand:

7 Day Facebook and Instagram visits statistics
7 Day Facebook and Instagram visits statistics

Within the first seven days of the rebranding launch, La Caravana Cafe and Catering experienced a significant surge in traffic to their Facebook (up 131.7%) and Instagram (up 177.9%) accounts.

7 Day Facebook and Instagram reach statistics
7 Day Facebook and Instagram reach statistics

Moreover, they continued to witness remarkable increases, with a 209% rise in Facebook reach and a 353% increase in Instagram reach. Furthermore, there was a notable 76% uptick in traffic to their new website, which was unveiled on March 9th

Updated Results: The campaign dramatically increased La Caravana's online presence, with a 442.9% rise in Facebook followers and a 202% increase in Instagram visits within 30 days. The new website also saw a significant 58% increase in traffic, with 33% being unique.

More about La Caravna Cafe & Catering:

Embark on a culinary journey and follow Javi's profile on Instagram named "La Caravana_Cafe".

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La Caravana Cafe | Promotional Video | Target Audience - Families

La Caravana Cating | Promotional Video | Target Audience - Event planners

"Here are some photos taken during the making of the two videos."


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