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Authentic Stories, Innovatively Told

Showcase Your Destination Like Never Before

At Beach Shack Productions, we are dedicated to crafting captivating promotional videos and designing targeted social media campaigns for hospitality and tourism professionals. We specialise in enhancing customer experiences and expanding market reach. Our assistance extends to diverse accommodation providers, from charming guesthouses to luxury hotels, as well as travel agencies, bars, restaurants, and tour companies, helping them thrive in competitive landscapes.

Dive into a world where each frame captures the true essence of your destination. With cutting-edge technology, we ensure that every story is not just told but felt. We bring your destination to life through stunning visuals and strategic storytelling that captivates and converts.



"Our Approach to Elevating Your Brand"

Discover the power of video and digital media—a proven formula for client success. With over a decade of experience in tourism and hospitality, I, Rowen Franklin, am committed to excellence. At Beach Shack Productions, we harness the science of storytelling to drive growth and ensure a significant Return on Investment (ROI) for your business. Trust in our expertise for outstanding results.


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Beach Shack Productions - 2023


Step 1: Consultation

Begin with a tailored consultation to align on business objectives and ensure our partnership can effectively meet your goals. We focus on understanding your needs to deliver a significant return on your investment.

Step 2: Content Creation

Our comprehensive video production process encompasses pre-production, production, and post-production, each tailored to transform your unique stories into powerful visual narratives. At Beach Shack Productions, we harness the power of storytelling to engage and inspire your audience, creating more than just videos— we create experiences that resonate and drive results.

Step 3: Distribution & Engagement 

Effective distribution coupled with strategic engagement is key. We don’t just expand your reach; we deepen connections with your audience, turning them into loyal customers and boosting your sales and reputation.

Step 4: Analyse Your Data

We continuously refine your digital marketing strategy by analysing performance data, allowing us to adapt tactics, maximise successful approaches, and significantly enhance your ROI

Step 5:  Conversion 

Conversion is the core of our strategy. We excel in turning prospects into loyal customers through compelling videos and targeted marketing campaigns designed to provoke action.

Google Reviews

Traveller's Rest 1770:

"A huge thanks to Beach Shack Production for our first-ever video promo! Rowen's professionalism and dedication shone through, from planning to the marketing campaign. His thorough research and tailored approach greatly benefitted our debut package deal. Looking forward to future projects!" 

Michaela Oliver - Traveller's Rest 1770

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